Have You Been Hinched??? New Natural Cleaning Products Coming Soon!

The Cleaning Range

Spring is here and the spring clean is imminent, we thought there was no better time to ditch the harsh cleaning chemicals that are clogging up our cupboards.

In our lab where the production of all our products happen, we already use our very own cleaning solutions.

But we thought why are we being so selfish and keeping these amazing products to ourselves?

So we have decided to offer them to you too!

It turns out you do not need tons of different detergents and solutions for your everyday cleaning. You can clean your entire house or work space with just a few different products. We have created some of these products for you, the Natural Living Cleaning Range includes;

  • Anti-Bacterial Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Toilet Bombs
  • Room Fresheners

HSM Management, a cleaning company that were based in Kingswear, Devon, used the solutions for a season in 2017. The reason being, staff were having reactions to the chemicals from big brand, cleaning solutions so I (Tanya) created a range of products for the company to use. This was very popular with the home owners.

We contacted a previous employee HSM Management, Jenny, that used the products to ask what her opinion was;

‘The majority of the holiday homes I cleaned, the kitchens were mainly high gloss cabinets and had a lot of stainless steel and walk in showers with large panes of glass. The glass cleaner gave it a real shine and left no smears and the essential oils made it smell really clean and fresh. This made my job so much easier’

We have adapted the products slightly since then so thought it would be a great idea to get some feedback from another company. Hasbridge Construction LTD, based in Edenbridge, Kent, have a very impressive, glassed walled office.

We have sent them a cleaning kit to trial and we will give you their feedback in our next newsletter.

We don’t want you to have to wait for this so decided you can purchase all of the products from us at our events we are attending in April, you can find the details at the bottom of the newsletter.

If you are not local to any of the markets we are attending, watch our website and Facebook for when you can purchase online

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